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My take on Gregg and Mae from Night in the Woods


I’m so friggin pumped for Night in the Woods oh my god


Night In The Woods for the Sony Playstation, coming out Fall 1999.

A project I’ve been working on the past few days. Another piece of animated Night in the Woods fanart. It’s been fun playing around with animation in photoshop, but using this art style in an animation has proved to be pretty difficult. Still, I’m happy with the end result.

Before Bioshock came out, I was so excited I built a big daddy outfit out of ductape and cardboard, and stomped around my high school while wearing it one day. I think I’m having a similiar moment with NITW.

Side note, Mae and Bae are loosely colored after their colors from the start of the first trailer for the game.


Is it too early to start drawing humanized versions of the Night in the Woods characters? Naaaw! But you should check out the Kickstarter for this game, because it’s going to be rad!


imageimageyes, it’s tall and thin…imageimage

You didn’t see anything….




Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Im so glad the merchant from resident evil 4 has made a comeback

What’re ya boyin stranga


Running with the world.

Photo by Nigel Pert.




Welcome to your life;

There’s no turning back.

Even while we sleep,

We will find you.


Piotr Stachiewicz (Polish, 1858-1938)

12 months - full set from “Boży rok”, where each illustration was based on proverbs and saints associated with the month.